IT-surveillance. Simplified.

Professional infrastructureless and automated server, website and network component monitoring – the easy way – through the power of Microsoft’s cloud-based 
Azurelogo Windows Azure Platform

How does CloudAlerter work?

A small agent is installed on your servers that execute small commands (jobs) you define through an intuitive cloud interface.

The agents report to the cloud every predefined interval, using HTTPS, and event-based automated actions are taken whenever a report is outside acceptable parameters.

Everything is managed through the cloud interface, where you will never need to struggle with configuration files.

Once you have an instance under surveillance, you can view and monitor it from the cloud interface, and receive alerts if something goes wrong.

The agent works on most Windows and Linux platforms.

Why should you care?

  •  Reduce IT costs- through detailed error reporting and reduced troubleshooting.
  •  Improve performance- with automated error detection and correction.
  •  Increase business uptime- by decreasing server and network downtime.
  •  Focus on your core business- not troubleshooting and error correction.

Everything is initiated from within your environment = Little to no firewall management!
SaaS interface = No configuration file fiddling - ever!

It’s easy, it’s cheap and it works!

CloudAlerter is a Software as a Service powered by Microsoft Azure Platform, with plenty of reasons to try the free trial.

  •  High scalabilityMonitor any where between a single object to thousands of servers and network components.
  •  High reliabilityRedundant Cloud Services and SQL databases ensures more than 99.9% uptime.
  •  Access anywhereAccess the interface and monitor anywhere from any modern web browser.
  •  No license managementForget the inconvenience with lost license keys, software renewals and outdated software.
  •  Generate KPI and reportsGenerate automated performance reports based on what you choose to monitor.
  •  Simplistic interface/monitor viewCloudAlerter is built around the concept of simplicity. Forget about information overload.

Still not convinced?

Well then, feel free to give it a test drive. The first 40 days are on the house, and you can experience all the luxurious features.

Did we mention that installing the agent and setting up jobs is very easy and takes less than a minute?

Once installed you will never have to maintain or update the agent, it is all done through the cloud - we like to call this install & forget 

From only $1/month (Network) and $3/month (Server)!

Don't you hate it when your needs are in-between different pricing plans, and you always have to pay for features you never use? We certainly do!

 Here's the deal

  1. The price per monitored server start at $3 per month, and includes the (Server) basic features.
  2. The price per monitored network component and website is $1 per month and includes the (Network) basic features.
  3. You pay per monitored (enabled) instance each month. Once enabled, you commit the instance for a month i.e. you are charged for a month surveillance of that instance.
  4. You can customize extra features for each monitored instance - so you can pick and choose instead of committing to bundled features you don't need.
  5. You can upgrade or downgrade any monitored instance at any time.
  6. The price you see is final = no hidden, startup, administration, support or maintenance costs or fees.
  7. You can easily enable or disable the monitoring of an instance, without having to reinstall/uninstall the agent. Disabled instances are NOT charged.

 Here's the price

  •  (Server) Basic features - includedMonitor server metrics (CPU, RAM, Services, Storage, Uptime & Processes).
    Monitor directory files and sizes.
    Monitor eventlogs and custom logs.
    Get email notifications.
  •  (Network) Basic features - includedPing Network components.
    Monitor websites with HTTP requests.
    More features comming soon!
  •  SMS notification 3¢/SMSForget about monthly or weekly SMS notification quotas.
    You pay what we pay. It is as simple as that.
    You define when you want to have an SMS notification down to the job-level!
  •  KPI report $0,75/instanceGenerate monthly or weekly reports on devices and jobs you monitor and have them sent to your email.

Don't forget the free trial

We are convinced that you will like CloudAlerter and if you are not quite sure yet, we recommend you try our 40 day free trial. The trial includes all the features so you can try everything, except the SMS notification.

Sounds awesome - sign me up!

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About & Contact


The CloudAlerter project is owned and developed by Hosters A/S; a danish IT managed service provider. CloudAlerter was developed 8 years ago as means to ensure that Hosters customers IT was operating smoothly and efficiently.

Since then CloudAlerter has been under constant development, to make the process of surveilling IT platforms more easy and manageable.


To contact our sales team please send an email to or call us at +45 7020 0160

To contact our support team or if you have any questions regarding CloudAlerter please send an email to or call us at +45 7020 0160